Exposing the gender identity web of lies

A new hard-hitting video exposes the gender identity crisis, and explains how, in the name of tolerance, diversity and freedom, children and families are deliberately being targeted.

Produced by Family Life International NZ, the video, Family Planning’s Manufactured Gender Identity Crisis delves into the concept of identity and the direct and deliberate attack on sexual norms which entices people to give in to selfish whims and fantasies.

Michael Loretz, who fronts the video, points out that this kind of thinking leads people to “lose the ability, and in the end, the will, to forge strong families of their own.”

While very much aimed at New Zealand parents and all people of good will, the video has a message that everyone concerned for the welfare of our children and the dignity of the human person need to hear.

The insidious push for society to accept that people can choose which gender they are, and that their gender is something other than male or female, is a dangerous ideology sweeping the world.

The influence has now become so entrenched in societal thinking that at the recent Olympics two males entered female events and everyone, including the female contestants, were expected to warmly embrace their participation in the name of diversity.

In New Zealand there are many organisations pushing the gender agenda, but leading the charge is Family Planning, an affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

“Family Planning have hijacked the sexuality education of our children from Kiwi parents” says Loretz “and they are now taking advantage of their powerful influence to twist the truth and convince young children to accept a web of lies about sex and sexuality that will ultimately ruin their lives, rob them of their innocence and confuse them about the very thing Family Planning claim to be protecting – their true identity.”

The organisation, whose tag line is “positive sexual health,” produced a resource for schools in 2002 entitled “Affirming Diversity”.  The document has recently been updated and encourages school children as young as five to identify with any one of the gender variations being proposed because that is what defines their true identity.

Family Planning had significant input into the 2015 Sexuality Guidelines, produced by the Ministry of Education for principals, boards of trustees and teachers.  The document is full of language that supports the gender ideology revolution.

But Mr Loretz stresses that Family Planning and their cohorts have got it wrong.  “This whole diversity of sexuality doesn’t have anything to do with the reality of people’s bodies nor does it have any reference to their families, relationships or love,” he says.  “It simply depends on how you feel, and… you cannot choose how you feel, you have no control over that at all.”

Parents, he maintains, want something different for their children when it comes to sexuality education, and they want to be empowered so they can take up with confidence their role as first teachers of their children.

“Parents want their children to grow in virtue, to develop strong and respectful friendships and to understand that marriage between one man and one woman is the one institution that guarantees children the fundamental right to know and be loved by their own mother and father.”

The video is the second in a series exposing Family Planning New Zealand.  It draws on the work of Gabriele Kuby, the author of “The Global Sexual Revolution,” and the American College of Paediatricians who have asked parents to resist and reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of physical or surgical impersonation of the opposite sex.

In light of the stark evidence which unmasks the reality hiding behind feel-good words of tolerance, diversity and freedom, Mr Loretz concludes by making a plea to parents.  “It’s time for parents to get real and take back the right to educate our children as we see fit and the time to act is now.   Our children depend on us to fight for them and to protect them.”

Click the links to view the videos in the Expose Family Planning series.

Family Planning’s manufactured gender identity crisis

Family Planning – what every parent needs to know


Parents as primary educators and the dangers of sexuality education

Matthew 18:6Right now my husband and I are engaged in discussions with not one, but two of my children’s schools regarding their so-called sexuality programmes.

This isn’t anything new.  I have been working for Family Life International since its inception when I was just a teen.  Over the years there have been many stories from concerned parents.  Our team have viewed and reviewed various programmes and assisted parents in their battles.  The agenda of sexuality educators, often trained up by Family Planning (or their cohorts), which spread a distorted view of human sexuality and ignore the primary rights of parents to educate their children in these matters is not new and neither is the resistance to it.

You too, will have your stories to tell.

Contraception, masturbation, fornication, abortion, consent (which is really just a sad guise of saying if we all agree to use each other, then anything goes), are all discussed within sexuality classes.  Gender identity has become the catch phrase of the time, influencing schools who are making all sorts of accommodations for students who self-identify as being something “other” than the God-given genders of male and female, or who wish to engage in same-sex liaisons.

Sadly, this so-called education in sexuality, with a secular view of the human person and an emphasis on a selfish giving in to the passions, is not just confined to our public schools.

Masquerading as science, health and puberty education is training that desensitizes our children to a world-view that contradicts the Church’s beautiful teaching about the human person, love, chastity, self-giving and sacrifice.  This kind of education threatens the good of our children leading them only down a path of destruction.  We need not think that the discussion of these topics is only restricted to these classes either.  Any teacher, of any subject, with an agenda to push, will find a way to do it.

Many sexuality educators, in an attempt to be engaging, will employ crass and immature methods to get their point across.  In one recent example, students walked into their classroom only to be met with the music video of Salt N Pepa’s song “Let’s talk about sex” playing loudly.

Lumped in together, children’s individual development is dismissed and the natural modesty about their bodies is forgotten.  Oftentimes, parents have little, to no say, in the development of any sexuality programmes, and they and their children can be ridiculed for removing their children from the classes.

In 1996, the Pontifical Council for the Family issued a document entitled The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality.  It is critical that parents, grandparents and educators are familiar with its contents.  The following is an excerpt this very important document which provides practical guidelines for both parents and educators who have an opportunity to work together, as needed, for the good of all children.

Recommendations for Parents and Educators:

It is recommended that parents be aware of their own educational role and defend and carry out this primary right and duty.  It follows that any educative activity, related to education for love and carried out by persons outside the family, must be subject tot the parents’ acceptance of it and must be seen not as a substitute but as a support for their work.  In fact, “sex education, which is a basic right and duty of parents, must always be carried out under their attentive guidance whether at home or in educational centers chosen and controlled by them.”  Frequently, parents are not lacking in awareness and effort, but they are quite alone, defenseless, and often made to feel they are wrong.  They need understanding, but also support and help by groups, associations, and institutions. (113)

1. Recommendations for parents

It is recommended that parents associate with other parents, not only in order to protect, maintain, or fill out their own role as the primary educators of their children, especially in the area of education for love, but also to fight against damaging forms of sex education and to ensure that their children will be educated according to Christian principles and in a way that is consonant with their personal development. (114)

In the case where parents are helped by others in educating their own children for love, it is recommended that they keep themselves precisely informed on the content and methodology with which such supplementary education is imparted.  No one can bind children or young people to secrecy about the content and method of instruction provided outside the family.  (115)

We are aware of the difficulty and often the impossibility for parents to participate fully in all supplementary instruction provided outside the home.  Nevertheless, they have the right to be informed about the structure and content of the program.  In all cases, their right to be present during classes cannot be denied. (116)

It is recommended that parents attentively follow every form of sex education that is given to their children outside the home, removing their children whenever this education does not correspond to their own principles.  However, such a decision of the parents must not become grounds for discrimination against their children.  On the other hand, parents who remove their children from such instruction have the duty to give them an adequate formation, appropriate to each child’s or young person’s stage of development.  (117)

2.  Recommendations for all educators

Since each child or young person must be able to live his or her own sexuality in conformity with Christian principles, and hence be able to exercise the virtue of chastity, no educator – not even parents – can interfere with this right to chastity (cf. Matthew 18:4-7). (118)

It is recommended that respect be given to the right of the child and the young person to be adequately informed by their own parents on moral and sexual questions in a way that complies with his or her desire to be chaste and to be formed in chastity.  This right is further qualified by a child’s stage of development, his or her capacity to integrate moral truth with sexual information, and by respect for his or her innocence and tranquility.  (119)

It is recommended that respect be given to the right of the child or young person to withdraw from any form of sexual instruction imparted outside the home.  Neither the children nor other members of their family should ever be penalized or discriminated against for this decision.  (120)

The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality also gives four working principles which are also worthwhile mentioning here:

1.  Human sexuality is a sacred mystery and must be presented according to the doctrinal and moral teaching of the Church, always bearing in mind the effects of original sin.

2.  Only information proportionate to each phase of their individual development should be presented to children and young people.

3.  No material of an erotic nature should be presented to children or young people of any age, individually or in a group.

4.  No one should ever be invited, let alone obliged, to act in any way that could objectively offend against modesty or which could subjectively offend against his or her own delicacy or sense of privacy.

It must be said that there are good teachers and counsellors in our schools who wish to lead students to true freedom and a right-ordered understanding of themselves and others.  They must be commended for all they do to protect the children in their care and to uphold the rights of parents as first educators.

Unfortunately, there are also many educators and parents, who have brought the lie that children and young people must have free access to sexual information, contraception and abortion.  More and more people cannot see the great deception in gender ideology and the absurdity of the consequences of denying maleness or femaleness.

Family Planning and their cohorts know the importance of getting parents onside and they are doing this well.  It is easy to hook a generation of parents who have already been indoctrinated as youth.   Now living the consequences of so-called “sexual freedom” which was dangled in front of them, many cannot see that the same fate will befall their children.

No parent should ever feel like they have to fight their child’s school on these matters, least of all Catholic schools.

We need to teach parents the beauty of human sexuality so that they can live in true freedom and be great, even heroic, examples to their children.  As primary educators they are then have the power to impart their knowledge, gained through education and experience, to their own children, providing them with a balanced understanding that readily acknowledges the need for chastity, self-control, and a true love of self and neighbour.

Candlelight Vigil marks half-way point of 40 Days for Life

by Michael Loretz

Despite the wet weather, more than 150 people gathered on the street outside Auckland’s AMAC abortion facility to pray and bear witness on Sunday evening (28th February). “Be my Light”, a special vigil hour for the unborn, was organised by Family Life International NZ to mark the halfway point for the annual 40 Days for Life prayer vigils being held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch throughout Lent and up to Palm Sunday.

People from different walks of life, priests, seminarians, mothers, fathers, children, people of different ethnicities and ages, gathered together for an hour on one of Auckland’s busiest streets, praying, singing and standing in moments of silence to ask God for Mercy and healing in the hope that a new culture of respect for life will grow and thrive in New Zealand.

In Wellington, a similar special vigil, “Be a Sign of Hope” was held outside Wellington Hospital in the mid-afternoon and around the country throughout the day many others, including the Carmelite Sisters in Auckland, prayed in solidarity for the success of 40 Days for Life.

Michelle Kaufman, the Communications Director of Family Life International NZ addressed the Auckland gathering saying, “This is a spiritual battle and we already know the victor, it is Christ – he won the victory on the Cross. But we need to do our part too and be for others his hands and his feet.” She encouraged the gathering to continue to support practical initiatives that offer hope to the vulnerable and help build a culture of respect for all human life from conception to natural death.

Family Life International NZ run Crisis Pregnancy Centres in Auckland and Wellington and offer women throughout the country practical help and support including pregnancy counselling, post abortion healing and recovery, and education.

The 40 Days for Life vigils in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch will continue until the 20th March. Please visit www.fli.org.nz/40daysforlife to find out more and sign up.

Help save lives: praying for an end to abortion

A great prayer for life JPIIThis week is historic for New Zealand.  For the first time, there will be simultaneous prayer vigils outside abortion facilities in three major cities in New Zealand for a full 40 days!  Not only that, various other cities are holding vigils in solidarity, and thousands more will pray in their homes and in their places of worship to bring about the end of abortion in our land!  Our dream is that all believers will sense the urgency to petition God in all humility, to bring about the end of abortion in New Zealand.

We will join thousands of people throughout the world doing exactly the same thing.  This Lent there will be 273 cities holding an official 40 Days for Life vigil in 23 countries!  That is awesome!

In 2014, there were 13,137 reported abortions performed throughout the country.  This number has been steadily going down for seven consecutive years.  Our worst year was 2003 when 18,511 innocent children lost their lives before they were born through surgical or medical abortion.

But while we have cause to celebrate, we cannot be complacent.  Any life lost through abortion is one too many.  We cannot rest until abortion becomes unthinkable!

We must also be aware that while the reported surgical and medical abortions decline, very early abortions caused by abortifacients:  the Pill, the Morning After Pill, Jadelle and Implanon implants, NuvaRing, Depo Provera, Copper IUDs and the Mirena hormonal IUD are on the rise.  The push by Family Planning and other agencies for women to be fitted with so-called Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives has been underway for a few years now.  IUDs are routinely fitted as a form of emergency contraception, and women who have had abortions are encouraged to have either an IUD or implant inserted.  We will never really know how many lives are lost through these drugs and devices.

There are many ways we can fight against abortion.  All of them are important.  However, the fight is fundamentally spiritual before anything else.  Satan loves nothing more than to see tiny human lives, made in the image and likeness of God, destroyed.  He enjoys watching the aftermath as women and families are broken by abortion.  He revels in the blindness of those who work in abortion facilities.  And he delights in the silence of Christians.

Be strong and courageous!  This Lent your prayers and your presence outside abortion facilities throughout the country is absolutely vital!

Today a woman will discover that she is a mother.  Because of her circumstances she is going to be tempted to have an abortion.  She may feel pressure from the father of the child or her family.  She will think she has no other option.  She will make an appointment to have her child killed.  She will turn up for that appointment – but you will be there.  Your prayers and your presence may save her and her baby’s life from abortion – just from being there.  And if not, your presence has been a sign of hope to her.  Your love the only love that her pre-born child will know on this earth.

40 Days for Life is an opportunity to pray, to fast, to repent, to witness to Christ and his great love and mercy.  It is an opportunity to reach out to abortion-minded women and let them know that we do care, that there is another way, that there is HOPE.  It is an opportunity to really love those who work in the abortion facilities and to offer them encouragement to use their skills to promote and preserve life.  It is an opportunity to speak with the public – many of whom have been touched in some way by abortion – about the reality of abortion and the humanity of the preborn child.  It is visiting Calvary.

Please sign up now to pray outside AMAC (Auckland), Wellington Hospital or Christchurch Hospital this week.


Mercy and defending life

My dear friends in Christ,

The inauguration of the Year of Mercy should be for all apostles and defenders of human life an impetus to live more faithfully and fully the message of the Gospel of Life in which Christ our Saviour calls us to be as merciful as our heavenly Father is merciful.  (Lk.6:36)

Whenever one faithfully practices the Christian life by acting mercifully towards one’s neighbour, one’s concern actually encompasses Christ personally (Mt.25:40).  As such, any act of mercy becomes fruitful and blossoms into eternal life.  In order to be merciful, it is necessary to know specifically in what mercy consists.  St. Augustine defines mercy as a “heartfelt sympathy for another’s distress, impelling us to help him if we can.”

By exhorting us to be as merciful as is our Heavenly Father, Christ invites us to take a path, which is intrinsic to the nature of mercy, that is, a path leading to divine greatness manifested by our generosity in dealing with others.  A simple act of mercy, then, may bring solace in a time of great need. (Prov.22:9)  Since this generosity is, however, a characteristic chiefly belonging to persons of influence, authority or power, it is a distinctive feature of God, who being all powerful, manifests His goodness by being, Himself, all merciful. (Ex.34:6-7)

The ultimate formula for governing our lives is found in God’s greatest commandment, which obligates us to love Him above all things and our neighbour as ourselves. (Mt.22:35-40)  The guidelines for keeping this greatest commandment are the avoidance of doing evil by observing the Ten Commandments (Ex.20:1-17) and earnestly doing good by practising the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.  St Paul, while encouraging the performance of the works of mercy, nevertheless, pointed out that they should originate from a love for God Himself: “Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassion, kindness, lowliness, meekness, and patience, forbearing one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony”.  (Col.3:12-14)

This love for God, which consists in keeping His commandments (Jn.14:15) finds concrete expression in the seven corporal and in the seven spiritual works of mercy.  These specifically are

The corporal works of mercy

  • To feed the hungry;
  • To give drink to the thirsty;
  • To clothe the naked;
  • To shelter the homeless;
  • To visit the sick;
  • To visit those in prison;
  • To bury the dead.

The spiritual works of mercy

  • To instruct the ignorant;
  • To counsel the doubtful;
  • To comfort the sorrowful;
  • To exhort sinners;
  • To bear wrongs patiently;
  • To forgive offences willingly;
  • To pray for the living and the dead.

Both the natural and the divine positive law impose a strict duty on us to carry out the works of mercy.  Whilst the natural law requirement is based upon the principle that we are to do to others as we would have them do to us (Mt.7:12), the positive divine law comes from Christ under the supreme penalty of eternal damnation (Mt.25:41).  The corporal works were each directly and explicitly stated by Christ.  The spiritual works, however, are all implied in scripture and deal with a distress whose relief is of even greater imperative as well as more effective for the grand purpose of our creation, which is, eternal life.

The intrinsic character of both the spiritual and corporal works reveals that ‘we are our brother’s keeper’. (Eph.4:25)  In the case of the spiritual works, Christ enjoins fraternal correction (Mt.18:15) as well as the forgiveness of injuries (Mt.6:14).  A certain degree of tact and prudence is required in fulfilling the first four of the spiritual works as each case depends largely on the degree of distress to be aided, and the competency or condition of the one to whom the responsibility falls. (Col.4:6)  However, the last three, to bear wrongs patiently, to forgive offences willingly and to pray for the living and the dead, are within the reach of all and, consequently, one may not dispense oneself on the plea that one lacks some special array of gifts required for their observance.

In this Year of Mercy, all of us, as apostles for the Gospel of Life, are invited to redouble our efforts in order that the teachings of the Gospel of Life may bear greater fruit.  For example, today, there are many people in our world who are genuinely misled the ignorant in regard to the life issues; they are unable to accept that abortion is nothing other than child killing and, that euthanasia, fatuously called called mercy killing, is murder in disguise.  Imbued with a love of God, we must courageously embrace the task of instructing and guiding our ill-informed brethren.  Likewise, we should counsel the doubtful, that is, those, for instance, who are considering IVF or surrogacy and are uncertain as to what is the correct thing to do.  True compassion requires that we give comfort to those who are depressed or are grieving because of mistakes they may have made, such as those, for example, who are contemplating suicide, or whose suffering arises from post abortion trauma or a broken marriage. (2Cor.7:10)  It is always difficult to call sin by its proper name but, in charity, we must encourage the sinner who may be trapped in a situation of sexual cohabitation, of a same sex relationship or, of pornography addiction to look to Christ as their model and move towards a life of virtue (Jam.5:20).

In bearing witness to the teachings of Christ, we should be prepared to bear opposition patiently and, no doubt, we will suffer misunderstanding, abuse and even persecution for our witness to the Gospel of Life. (2Tim.2:10)  Whatever offences and injustices we experience we should, in imitation of Our Lord (Lk.23:34; Acts.7:60), forgive readily and willing.

The application of the teachings of Christ in regard to the corporal works of mercy may include contributing to or providing a safe refuge or home for women in a crisis pregnancy situation.  Equally, by visiting and praying outside places where pre-born children are killed is a work of mercy, regardless of the outcome.  Praying for the living and the dead includes those who, while living are spiritually dead. (Apoc.3:1) That is, we should pray for the conversion of those working in the industries that promote the Culture of Death.

In all of this, it must not be forgotten that Mercy is Love’s response to suffering and that the works of mercy demand more than a humanitarian basis if they are to serve as instruments in bringing about our eternal salvation.  For the works of mercy to be salvific for us, their animating spirit must belong to the supernatural order, that is, must be rooted in the love of God above all things.

May the Mother of mercy and Refuge of sinners intercede for us that we may in this Year of Mercy courageously live the message of the Gospel of Life more faithfully and fully for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls. (Is.56:1)


Planned Parenthood shooting deplorable

Family Life International NZ deplores the shooting which took place outside Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood in the United States on Friday.

Three people were killed when a man, Robert Lewis Dear, allegedly opened gunfire outside the Planned Parenthood facility.  Another nine were injured.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims killed by this senseless act, and also to those who have been injured” said Family Life International NZ’s spokesperson, Michelle Kaufman.

According to their website, the facility performs abortions up until 18 weeks and 6 days.

It is not known what the motive for the shooting was at this time.  However, if it was opposition, even in part, to abortion, then Family Life International NZ wants to make it clear that “violence in order to oppose violence is never, ever right.”

“Abortion brutally takes the life of a pre-born child and it harms women, it harms families, but our response must always be one of love, of concern and care.”

Family Life International NZ, which organises vigils outside of abortion facilities, wants to emphasise that their approach is peaceful and prayerful.  “We want to reach out to pregnant mothers who think they have no other choice than to have an abortion” said Mrs Kaufman.

“Often, abortion seems to be the best solution at the time, that once it is done they’ll be able to get on with life.”

While that might be true for some, and often relief is the initial feeling, the ongoing repercussions of the abortion often stay with a woman for a life-time.   Some will suffer physically, many will suffer emotionally.

In 2014, the Abortion Supervisory Committee reports that six New Zealand women had their uterus perforated during the abortion procedure; 27 women haemorrhaged;   and 41 suffered other complications.

Family Life International NZ provides support for pregnant women facing an unexpected pregnancy so that they are empowered to follow their dreams and choose life for their baby.  The organisation also walks with women who regret their abortion and now seek healing and forgiveness.

Kaufman also emphasises that they wish to reach out to abortion facility workers, and hospital staff who assist in whatever way in the abortion process.  “People who work in abortion facilities matter too.  We want them to know that we care about their well-being.”

Abortion is a violent act.  Violence in order to oppose this violent atrocity will never be the answer.

Whom do they serve?

It appears to be generally understood by the public that aborted foetal cells are absolutely necessary for research. There is a benefit to taking the life of a child – all for the greater good we are told. “Similar to organ donation” would be a comparable explanation to justify and placate the curious. But is this really the case; that using the cells, tissue and body parts of an unborn child is advantageous to medical research? After all, who wants to see somebody suffer with a debilitating illness such as Parkinsons when there’s a potential cure just waiting to be found? It could even sound cruel to deny an expert the opportunity to investigate a pathway that is “life-saving”.

Underpinning though unspoken is that in order for a life to be saved or a cure for an unbearable illness found, a life must be taken. A life for a life; somebody gives their life in order to theoretically save the life of another. Generally, we refer to a person who makes the decision to sacrifice their life for another, as heroic. But with an unborn child, they do not make this decision. This brutal decision is made for them; the sacrificial lambs.

Apart from taking these claims at face-value, does this assertion hold up to scrutiny? Based on the strength and regularity of these claims, there should be overwhelming evidence to validate the advantage of utilising aborted tissue. According to Deb Vinnedge, Exec. Director of Children of God for Life, research on foetal tissue has not produced any great advances in medicine. She adds that utilising moral sources accomplishes the same result as using harvested foetal tissue to the extent that there is not one single use of aborted foetal tissue or cells that has not been accomplished using moral sources as well. The question that arises is why do these research organisations persist in utilising these “sources of promise”?

Research on aborted foetal tissue generally falls into 3 areas: Transplantation to treat diseases and injuries; Development of vaccines and Basic biology research. Foetal research is not new, having being conducted from as early as the 1930’s. What is chilling is that this research was conducted on foetuses at gestational ages at which science now proves, feel pain. Furthermore, conditions that were treated unsuccessfully by aborted tissue, are now routinely treated by adult stem cells.

However, most widely-known is the usage of aborted cells in the manufacture of vaccines. Popular claims are that this area has been the main benefit to society as a result of foetal tissue research. Again Deb Vinnedge states that with the exception of chickenpox, moral alternatives are available for every other vaccine – derived from animal cell lines. Even with the recent Ebola virus scare, statements were made that foetal tissue was “absolutely critical” for the development of a vaccine. Firstly, we note again the use of emotive language by an ‘expert’.  Secondly and most important, this claim proved to be incorrect in that Merck developed a vaccine derived from an animal cell line which reports state, showed promise in clinical trials. In fact, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has ruled out the usage of foetal cells to make vaccines “now or in the future”. So why do these scientist persist? Not hard to fathom the reason why – money.

A recent NZ Herald article states that prior to research, a mother must give consent for the aborted tissue to be used. Further; that the matter can’t be raised until after she has decided to have an abortion. One wonders if the abortion-facility staff ever let mothers know that some of their children will be deliberately born alive and then killed so as to harvest their organs; this claim made by a lab technician in the recent video a first-hand witness to these barbaric acts. This claim is not isolated with research documenting these horrific acts since the 1930’s – including development of the polio vaccine.

I am reminded of how children especially, were killed in certain parts of the world and their organs harvested for the diabolic activity of ‘black magic’. The organs were removed many a time with the child still alive and used to make potions or even to bewitch another person. Sounds far-fetched? This diabolical targetting of one person over another has recently publicly surfaced in the USA.

It is said that the potency of these diabolic concoctions are directly linked to whether a child is alive or not. In other words, the screams of a child as their organs are removed increases the effectiveness of these diabolic ‘medicines’. As if to reinforce the diabolical aspect of abortion, a former satanist states that he had participated in ritual abortions, diabolic sacrifices – including those inside abortion facilities. Our Lords words “Some demons can only be driven out through prayer and fasting” remind us of the urgent need to pray outside abortion facilities.

As the late and holy Fr John Hardon says, abortion is a pagan sacrifice. Recall that when pagan societies were Christianised; when the Light of Christ entered their land, sacrifices of children to false gods was eradicated. Fast-forward to the 21st century, paganism is back in vogue. And darkness descends; child sacrifice, again to insatiable blood-thirsty ‘gods’. When Christ is dethroned from society, He is replaced by idol worship. Pope emeritus Benedict XVI pointed to the modern idols of individualism and materialistic consumerism as holding sway. He affirms that within this ‘mindset’, a person is devalued and if devalued, one could add, ready to be exploited or treated as less than human. Vulnerable elements of society then become as the title of David Daleiden’s project is known, “Human Capital”.