Greens attack crisis pregnancy centres, sidewalk counsellors and pro-life doctors in new abortion policy

NZ Abortion Alternative Option Line 0800 367 5433Crisis Pregnancy Centres, sidewalk counsellors, pro-life doctors and midwives are further targets of the new Green Party policy on abortion announced last week.

Initially the focus was on the Green’s wish to remove abortion from the Crimes Act and to promote easier access to abortion, especially for those with an adverse pre-natal diagnosis.  However, as the dust settles, the implications if this policy were to become law, for those who offer alternatives to abortion-vulnerable women, are becoming apparent.

Part one of the Green’s policy focuses on coercion, both for and against, abortion.  Neutral counselling is emphasized, however this counselling would not be mandatory.

But “non-neutral counselling which provides women with biased, inaccurate health information” will be discouraged, according to the policy.

It appears that this is a direct swipe at sidewalk counsellors and crisis pregnancy centres.

Pro-abortion groups have long-held that pro-life information is biased and inaccurate.   Yet we are the only ones to offer all the facts, present all the options, and offer a hand of practical support and encouragement.

How many pro-abortion activists take a mother facing an unexpected pregnancy into their own home because the woman, and her pre-born child are not safe from others who wish her to have an abortion?

How many pro-abortion activists offer adoption as an alternative to abortion?  Not just in passing, but as a real option to be considered?

How many pro-abortion activists will offer a real path to healing for the woman who suffers nightmares, guilt and regret as she comes to terms with what she has done?

Let me know if you know of any.

How many pro-lifer’s do the above?  Countless.

So many pro-lifer’s walk the talk.  They stand by the woman who is now a mother, and help her bring her baby to birth.  And pro-lifer’s stick around too, if that is needed, for as long as is necessary – forever if need be.  Trust is grown between crisis pregnancy centre staff and volunteers and the pregnant mother.  Friendships are formed.  And the pro-aborts hate that.

Among other initiatives, the practical help and support that is given to pregnant women at crisis pregnancy centres, is contributing to New Zealand’s declining abortion statistics.

Also in the firing line are medical practitioners who in all conscience cannot be involved in abortion in anyway.  In the policy, the Green’s make it clear that those who oppose abortion must “refer the patient to a neutral practitioner in a timely manner.”

The Green’s assert that abortion is a health issue.  But pregnancy is not a disease.  A human person, growing within his or her mother’s womb is not a parasite that must be flushed out.

Mothers and pre-born babies need to be cared for – some more than others – that is health care.

But tearing helpless babies limb by limb, giving them lethal injections and poisoning them with drugs is not health care.  Real doctors recognise that fact.  They care for both patients – mother and baby.  They do not make exceptions.  They remain faithful to truth and their duty to care.  The Green’s must know that they walk on thin ground when they ask a doctor to lead one of their innocent patients to sure death.

But they will not admit this because in their thinking the right to access abortion overrides the harm that abortion does to women, men and families.  And most of all, the right to abortion trumps the right of the pre-born child to life.








The Greens: vote for me. Really?

Vote Green?

On Friday, New Zealand’s Green Party declared that they will liberalise abortion laws by removing it from the Crimes Act, as well as making it legal for late term abortions for fetal anomalies.

The Greens have done what no other political party would dare do – especially in an election year.  And those who are pro-abortion are rejoicing.

But what about the pre-born child whose life has a target on his or her head?

Last election the Greens campaigned that a vote for them would be a vote for the futures of pre-born children.

But a human person’s value, it seems, is only dictated by those who are more powerful than the person whose life is at stake.

How ironic today to view this picture featuring the rounded bellies of mothers who are Green supporters with the words “vote for me”.

Here, the value, the existence and the reality of the child hidden inside each mother’s womb was acknowledged and even celebrated.

But in this year’s election, a vote for Green will not be a vote for the vulnerable pre-born child.  Neither will it be a vote for women.  It will be a vote for death.

It will be a vote for one person’s right to exercise power over another.  It will be a vote to eradicate those whom individuals wish not to exist.




Beware the Green’s

Garth George has just written yet another excellent article on the make up of New Zealand’s parliament now that all discussions have taken place and deals done. His article was published by the NZ Herald yesterday.

Rightly, Garth points out that we should all be weary of the Green’s.  With 14 seats they have a power that they have not yet had in parliament.  They also hold a respectability that was not there initially.

Garth writes:

The Greens are dangerous. They are more than a polite group of tree-huggers, slug-savers and water samplers but you rarely, if ever, hear of the more sinister planks of their policy, which are frightening to say the least to those of us who care about what really matters.

Yes, they are very dangerous.  Under the guise of only caring about the environment (and who doesn’t want a cleaner, greener, NZ?) these people have been able to gain traction. With so many New Zealander’s “supporting” them now they can really push their other agenda – to liberalise all our laws regarding abortion, euthanasia and marriage and the family.

All over the world Green parties have been attempting to liberalise laws.  Victoria now has the most liberal abortion laws (completely decriminalised) in the world – thanks to the Greens.

Garth points out:

The Greens in Australia also support same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption, and an education system which teaches that homosexuality is normal.

One commenter wrote that this was a different party, so therefore what Green parties are doing in other countries does not count.  However, the Greens are a movement.  They are pressing the same agenda throughout the world.  The Green’s ideology here in NZ is no different to that in Australia.

Scarily, over time, we will see their anti-life, anti-marriage, and anti-traditional family values become more prominent in their speech and in their policies, in their voting and in the bills they put forward to parliament.

The Green’s have the potential to do great damage to the very fabric of our society.  Beware the Green’s!

Garth George’s full article Beware the other policies of dangerous Greens can be found here.