New Zealand pro-lifers commemorate aborted babies

Southland Anniversary Stand for Life 2013by Michelle Kaufman, New Zealand Correspondent
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INVERCARGILL, New Zealand, August 30 2013 ( – More than 280 preborn babies whose lives have been lost through abortion were remembered on Thursday at an “Anniversary Stand for Life” demonstration.

Over a two hour period, 50 people gathered to mark the first year anniversary of Southland Hospital providing abortions.

Led by Father Vaughan Leslie, the group, who call themselves Southlanders for Life, laid out a memorial of 300 white crosses on the lawn across the street from the hospital. Fr Leslie described the memorial as “significant, poignant, and somewhat provocative.”

Southlanders for Life have been present outside the hospital most Thursdays since December 2012.

The news that Southland District Health Board were intending to provide abortions at Southland Hospital became national news in July 2012.

Information obtained from the Southland District Health Board shows that 271 surgical and medical abortions were carried out in the hospital between September 2012 and July 2013.

Despite being legal under limited circumstances, no woman’s petition for an abortion has been declined.

According to the Health Board, information regarding complications was withheld in order to “protect the privacy of natural persons, including that of deceased natural persons”.

Three people held a counterprotest supporting the abortion clinic in the driveway outside the hospital.

Rachael Goldsmith, spokesperson for both the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ) and the Green Party in the Southland region, was one of the counterprotesters.

“As long as they protest, so will we,” Goldsmith blogged.

Southland Hospital serves the lowest part of New Zealand, which has a population of approximately 30,000 people.

Fr Leslie contends that the Board had “failed to consult with the community at any level over the introduction of abortion services locally, which it was duty bound to do according to its own rules.” He was hoping that with elections for a new Health Board on the horizon someone would step up and “at least voice our concerns at Board level.”

The group does not expect or ask that the abortion license be revoked.

Southlanders for Life will continue to make their weekly vigils in the hope that awareness of abortion is raised and that women will not have them.


Southland’s Abortion Debate Rages On

love them bothThe debate in Southland has been raging over the opening of the new abortion “services” preformed at the hospital.

Tonight, Close Up featured Dr Norman McClean who represented the Southlanders for Life, and Alison McCullough from Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand.  Southlanders for Life want to know which medical professionals are involved in the abortion “procedures” at the hospital.  The question was asked “Should abortion clinic staff have the right to privacy?” On Close Up’s Facebook page a raging discussion is taking place as I write, with so many tired pro-abortion arguments written in an angry tone.

Should abortion clinic staff have the right to privacy?  Personally I don’t think so.  Patients have the right to know, and the option to choose a different practitioner if they don’t want someone to care for them that is also involved in the killing of innocent children.

But that is not really what this battle is about down in Southland.  The real battle is about good and evil.  It is about truth and lies.  All under the guise of “women’s health”.

ALRANZ have been calling for reform of New Zealand’s abortion laws.  I find myself agreeing – New Zealand’s abortion laws do need to be reformed.  Just not in the way they are proposing.  New Zealand’s abortion laws need to be reformed to the point where abortion is illegal in every instance.  Then, society will be forced to care for all pregnant women and teenage girls who are facing an unexpected pregnancy.  People would need to look beyond themselves to care for mother and baby.  I am certain we would see less of the depressive and abusive behaviours that plague our country, not more as the pro-abortion camp likes to shout.

So I stand by the people in Southland who care enough about women and their preborn children to sacrifice their time and resources to promote life.  May their efforts be successful.

The Care Southland Women Really Need

It is interesting to note the kind of language that the medical community and pro-abortion groups such as ALRANZ (Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ) are using regarding the decision to perform abortions at Southland Hospital from July.

One word that has been bandied about is “care”.  Both the Chief Medical Officer and ALRANZ (Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand) believe that procuring abortion “services” is providing adequate access to care.

But is it truely caring to offer a woman, in her great time of need, an operation or a pill that will tear her unborn child from her womb?  Is it really caring to offer a women who has found herself in a situation where she does not want to bring the child to birth because of life circumstances, a procedure which almost always leads to feelings of sadness, loss, guilt and anxiety – which for some even leads to suicide?  Can it possibly be caring to expose a woman to higher risks of breast cancer, medical issues and in some cases even death?

And how is it caring to the unborn child (the forgotten patient)?

If medical professionals, health boards, the abortion supervisory committee, Family Planning Association, ALRANZ and all those who provide or promote abortion were really interested in caring for women then their approach to unexpected pregnancies would be quite different.

In fact, if pro-abortionists truely cared for the women, then they might find that their approach would be much like those who run crisis pregnancy centres throughout the world.

They would realise that women (and girls) who are facing a crisis pregnancy firstly need a friend.  They need someone who will listen.  They need someone who will have their best interests at heart.  They need someone who will help them overcome the obstacles that seem to stand in their way.  They need someone to help them be the mother that they already are.

If the Southland District Health Board honestly wanted to ensure women have “adequate access to care in their own district”, they would provide unbiased counselling which adequately cares for all the woman’s needs and doesn’t provide a quick-fix which kills her unborn child and leaves her with emotional and possible physical scars for the rest of her life.