New Zealand pro-lifers commemorate aborted babies

Southland Anniversary Stand for Life 2013by Michelle Kaufman, New Zealand Correspondent
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INVERCARGILL, New Zealand, August 30 2013 ( – More than 280 preborn babies whose lives have been lost through abortion were remembered on Thursday at an “Anniversary Stand for Life” demonstration.

Over a two hour period, 50 people gathered to mark the first year anniversary of Southland Hospital providing abortions.

Led by Father Vaughan Leslie, the group, who call themselves Southlanders for Life, laid out a memorial of 300 white crosses on the lawn across the street from the hospital. Fr Leslie described the memorial as “significant, poignant, and somewhat provocative.”

Southlanders for Life have been present outside the hospital most Thursdays since December 2012.

The news that Southland District Health Board were intending to provide abortions at Southland Hospital became national news in July 2012.

Information obtained from the Southland District Health Board shows that 271 surgical and medical abortions were carried out in the hospital between September 2012 and July 2013.

Despite being legal under limited circumstances, no woman’s petition for an abortion has been declined.

According to the Health Board, information regarding complications was withheld in order to “protect the privacy of natural persons, including that of deceased natural persons”.

Three people held a counterprotest supporting the abortion clinic in the driveway outside the hospital.

Rachael Goldsmith, spokesperson for both the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ) and the Green Party in the Southland region, was one of the counterprotesters.

“As long as they protest, so will we,” Goldsmith blogged.

Southland Hospital serves the lowest part of New Zealand, which has a population of approximately 30,000 people.

Fr Leslie contends that the Board had “failed to consult with the community at any level over the introduction of abortion services locally, which it was duty bound to do according to its own rules.” He was hoping that with elections for a new Health Board on the horizon someone would step up and “at least voice our concerns at Board level.”

The group does not expect or ask that the abortion license be revoked.

Southlanders for Life will continue to make their weekly vigils in the hope that awareness of abortion is raised and that women will not have them.


Stand for Life in Southland

Life Rocks!Today Southlanders for Life will gather outside Southland Hospital to remember the more than 280 unborn babies who have lost their lives through abortion in the past year at that hospital.

The license to perform abortions, granted by the Abortion Supervisory Committee, came into effect at the beginning of September 2012.  There was no consultation with the local community, despite strong opposition.

Fr Vaughan Leslie has told media that “a very significant, poignant and somewhat provocative memorial will be erected to honour the 280+ nameless babies who have had their lives taken by abortion in our Hospital over the past year.”

The number is shocking.  In 2012 here were 257 abortions performed on women whose residence was Southland.  Given the location of the Hospital, one has to wonder if the 280 plus abortions in the past year are simply because abortion is now more easily accessible to women.  The higher number of abortions could also be accounted for by women travelling from outside of the region.  Either way, it is a staggering number.

Today we grieve for the babies, for their mothers, their fathers, their grandparents.  Today, we pray that through our actions and through our love we can form a New Zealand where abortion never occurs and where every woman is supported to give life to her baby, no matter the circumstance. Today we pray for a New Zealand that lives by a culture of life.

Violence Against Women and their Unborn is the Real Issue in Southland

by Ken Orr, Right to Life NZPro-life

Why is the Abortion Law Reform Association [ALRANZ] conducting a campaign of misinformation concerning the naming of the abortionist and staff at the new secret abortion facility at the Southland Hospital? The real reason is to distract attention away from the violence inflicted on women and the killing of innocent and defenceless unborn children at the Southland Hospital.

ALRANZ supports the killing of unborn children and alleges that the organisation Southlanders for Life seeks to name and shame the abortionist and midwives who assist in abortions at the Southland Hospital. This is patently false. Southlanders for Life have never stated that this is their intention in seeking the names of those involved.

It is understandable that the doctor or doctors performing abortions at the secret abortion facility should be concerned that their names were known to the public, as it could seriously affect their income. Likewise midwives assisting with abortions would be fearful of their names being known to the public as it would result in many women seeking care during their pregnancy to choose another midwife, one who respects and protects the life and wellbeing of the unborn child.

It is not in the public interest that the Southern District Health Board should conspire with the staff involved in the killing of unborn children to withhold their identity from the public in order to protect their reputations and their income from the practice of medicine. The Board should acknowledge that there is no place for secrecy in the public health sector, and release the names of those concerned.

Southlanders for Life have courageously come together to protect the women of Southland and their precious unborn from the violence of abortion. They believe that abortion is not a health service and that it has no place in the Southland Hospital. Southlanders for Life are members of the growing worldwide pro-life movement, which is committed to non-violence and peaceful lawful protest for human rights of all citizens born and unborn.  It is the most peaceful and law abiding human rights movement in New Zealand. 

Southlanders for Life believe that they have a right to know the names of the staff concerned in the killing of the unborn at the Southland Hospital.  The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers Rights state in Right 7, Right to Make an Informed Choice Give Informed Consent. [8]  reads,  “every consumer has the right to express a preference as to who will provide services and have that preference met where practicable.” The public have a right to refuse services from a doctor or midwife who is involved in the killing of unborn children and they should not be required to ask them.

Right to Life encourages health consumers to choose to seek care only from doctors and midwives who respect the right to life of the unborn and are not involved in their killing. To exercise that right, health consumers need to have the names of those involved in performing abortions.

Right to Life is disappointed that Labour MP Maryan Street, in a media release on behalf of the Labour Women’s caucus has been influenced by the false information put out by ALRANZ concerning staff working at the Southland abortion facility. The caucus would be serving the interest of women, if they spoke up in defence of the plight of vulnerable women who are too often misinformed, exploited and abandoned by those who should care for them in a positive life affirming manner. 

Right to Life is also disappointed at the media release of the Green Party women’s affairs caucus released by Metiria Turei. They too, are supporting the misinformation campaign of ALRANZ . That the Green Party are so concerned about the right to life of snails at the Stockton mine and Hector dolphin on the West Coast  and yet fully support the right to kill unborn children in their mother’s wombs is oddly inconsistent and indefensible. It is also a disappointment that Metiria Turei has refused a request from Right to Life to withdraw her false statements.


Southland’s Abortion Debate Rages On

love them bothThe debate in Southland has been raging over the opening of the new abortion “services” preformed at the hospital.

Tonight, Close Up featured Dr Norman McClean who represented the Southlanders for Life, and Alison McCullough from Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand.  Southlanders for Life want to know which medical professionals are involved in the abortion “procedures” at the hospital.  The question was asked “Should abortion clinic staff have the right to privacy?” On Close Up’s Facebook page a raging discussion is taking place as I write, with so many tired pro-abortion arguments written in an angry tone.

Should abortion clinic staff have the right to privacy?  Personally I don’t think so.  Patients have the right to know, and the option to choose a different practitioner if they don’t want someone to care for them that is also involved in the killing of innocent children.

But that is not really what this battle is about down in Southland.  The real battle is about good and evil.  It is about truth and lies.  All under the guise of “women’s health”.

ALRANZ have been calling for reform of New Zealand’s abortion laws.  I find myself agreeing – New Zealand’s abortion laws do need to be reformed.  Just not in the way they are proposing.  New Zealand’s abortion laws need to be reformed to the point where abortion is illegal in every instance.  Then, society will be forced to care for all pregnant women and teenage girls who are facing an unexpected pregnancy.  People would need to look beyond themselves to care for mother and baby.  I am certain we would see less of the depressive and abusive behaviours that plague our country, not more as the pro-abortion camp likes to shout.

So I stand by the people in Southland who care enough about women and their preborn children to sacrifice their time and resources to promote life.  May their efforts be successful.